Photo HQ Launch
A Training resource with a difference! We have been planning for a long time to start a resource and training service to photographers in South Africa. It’s going to be unique in the way that we handle information. We will start small and build it up to a big and relevant resource. More announcements to follow.
Admired in Africa Awards 2018
I entered 3 pictures into the prestigious Admired in Africa competition in 2018. I am happy to announce that a shot I took of the beautiful Lisa Huxtable got first place in the Bridal Boudoir section. I also got fourth place with a shot I did of the beautiful Chaney. Thank you to both of you. Without you, this achievement would not have been possible.  
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The multi-tasking conundrum
    Photography skill without marketing and business effort is just a hobby!   Photographic skill is just one of the aspects of a successful photographic business. To run your business well, you also need to be a skilled marketer, accountant, graphic designer and digital editor. With all these aspects of your business, taking up a lot of your time, you might end up not spending enough time behind the camera. This is also equally as dangerous as spending too much time behind the camera and not giving the needed attention to the business side of things. How do we keep a balance, or let me put it in different words, how do you get more done in less time? I was faced with this problem. The very important business side of things took up too much of my time causing damage to my business. For me, it boiled down to multitasking, and luckily we live in the era of the most wonderful apps available to make our job easy.   This is how I turned things around into a big positive in my business.   The first step was to simplify products. We live in times where the most […]
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