Close up shots at Sonja’s wedding
At any wedding, the bridal couple takes a lot of care with the decorations. It will always reveal their personal style, making their day special for them and their guests. I always enjoy seeing the reception area before the wedding.
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Chris Pickles – Jazz in the studio!
I visited a good friend Jock Coetzer recently at his studio in Nelspruit. He arranged with Chris to pop in for a quick shoot. We where taking pictures while he was playing and the sounds that this man creates, is amazing. Food for the soul. This image was one of the results. More to follow.
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Karla model portfolio
Recently I was commissioned to do a portfolio shoot for the beautiful karla Pienaar.  This portrait is the first from the series. It was fun to work with her. She is a hard worker and I can recommend her as a model any time. I will soon upload the rest of the series.
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Architecture photography
I had to do a Architectural photography shoot that had to be finished within one day. The weather played along and gave me dramatic skies with wet grass and paving for beautiful saturated colors. Delivered a set of 48 images last night to a happy customer.
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Mia Photoshoot – behind the scenes
  This is what it looks like behind the scenes to create a stunning conceptual portrait. Make-up was done by Maralize brezler van Wyk, hair was done by Stacey Swanepoel and our model was Mia Erdman. It is always a team effort to create these portraits and at SA model services we pride ourselves in using world class artists.      
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Debbie in Jozi
We recently had a portfolio shoot in Jozi with the beautiful up and coming model Debbie. She was a pleasure to work with and she was dedicated to the look we wanted to achieve. All this translated into a fun afternoon. Her bubbly personality was contagious and we are looking forward to our next shoot with her.
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Olivia with gravity defying hair
Olivia posed for me for a hair shoot at SAMS studio. The idea was to have her hair to the right, as if in a very strong wind. We had to do a little trick, but it worked just fine. She was as always just her beautiful self. I can see a shot of her like this in a fashion editorial.  
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Do we need to say anything more? When I teach, I sometimes show these picture to photography students. The girls go ” O look at those shoes ” and the guys go ” O look at those legs “.  
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Jessica showing how versatile she is as a model
Being a model is a little bit like being an actress. You need to adapt a persona and be that for the duration of the shoot. Jessica is particularly good at this and it is always a please to work with her. I have posted thee pictures from shoots that we have done for her to illustrate this ability. Looking forward to our next shoot Jessica.
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We wanted to create an innocent more fine-art look with this shot. The hair and make-up, including the styling was expertly done by Jonice of JDV styling. Our model Ancel Morgenrood gave us the perfect look to produce this final image.
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